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The road tile machine

The road tile machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  QT3-35

With the development of the city, on the market for various shapes color brick demand more and more, quality requirements and higher, the traditional mode of production to far to meet market demand, Henan Hongchang company in the original basis of baking free brick machine developed a new generation of intelligent road flower brick, a listing has been widely welcomed by the market.

The machine can be in the production of a variety of: Brick bread also called Dutch tiles, pavement brick, grass planting brick, slope protection brick, permeable brick, Qu Bo brick, Spanish Square, hexagon brick, brick maple leaf, diamond bricks, brick character lawn, double eight grass planting brick and along the stone, only need to replace the mold can be, realize one machine with multifunction, saving the cost of investment.


A new type of Hongchang Road tile machine with high energy, fast, cheap. This machine adopts high-quality hydraulic transmission, has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, and low failure rate; PLC automatic control, high content of science and technology, the labor intensity is low, thus greatly improving the yield and the quality of the brick.

The machine pressure brick process force stable, high pressure, high degree of automation, and therefore has a good product quality, high strength, high yield, shape and size standards, etc..

This machine uses many varieties, the replacement of the mold can be standard brick. The blind hole brick other alien products.

  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  QT3-35
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