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River gravel sand making machine

River gravel sand making machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  XU ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  HC1010

product mix:

The product is mainly composed of the rotating part, the guard board and the box body. Turning the wheel core with a plurality of cross non overlapping arrangement of the hammer frame, fixed hammer in the hammer frame, hammer head width large in the hammer frame and profile, core wheel by a plurality of contour welding into one, is fixed on the main shaft. The two ends of the main shaft are supported on the machine frame with a fluid dynamic bearing seat. The guard plate is divided into a plurality of blocks which are fixed on the box body to protect the box body from being worn. The box body is divided into two parts, which are connected by bolts, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Working principle:

The crushing machine comprises a motor, a belt wheel drive shaft rotation, fast rotating spindle head and collision materials will break the material.

The hammer is a cross non overlapping arrangement, and hammer head width on the axis is greater than hammer frame and contour and guarantee the hammer in the length of the rotor in broken and hammer is arranged in an inactive, in the hammer to knock material reduces the energy loss, thus improving crushing efficiency.

By this equipment structure design principle by "stone dozen stone", equipment consists of a coarse crushing cavity, finely cavity, wedge can be adjustable counterattack plate and the circular arc plate impact of the cavity, and three discharging channel. The feed inlet guide sieve with the aid of the kinetic energy obtained by the material from the conveyor to screen the incoming material, and the qualified material is discharged from the first passage. Granular material into coarse crushing cavity hammer strike zone, high-speed rotating hammer hit, fly along hammer rotary tangent to the circle slammed into coarse crushing cavity counterattacking sieves, cut broken, return along a particular direction, focusing in hammer head turning circle somewhere above, intensive collision material layer is formed, subsequent into broken machine materials like "bullet" targeting the same injection dense material layer, crushing cavity as a hail of bullets, bullets. " High efficiency "stone hit the stone" (that is, the material along its own numerous thin broken pieces of the tear), thus forming a large number of small particles and a large number of fine powder. The qualified material passes through the back of the counter and ninety percent off fold to produce a large number of small particles and fine powder after impact. Finely cavity non qualified small particles into can be adjustable counterattack plate and circular plate and hammer rotating circle composed of extrusion and abrasion and is broken by the three channel discharge.

Because of the machine in the coarse crushing cavity using "stone dozen stone" design principle, greatly reduce the hammer wear. Both the new into the crusher qualified materials, or coarse, fine crushing cavity material can timely discharge, also greatly increase the output, reduce the energy consumption.

  • Place of Origin:  XU ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  HC1010
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