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Hydraulic press burn

Hydraulic press burn

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  QT6-15


Modified domestic reducer demoulding practices, the pulley, sprocket chain release, so the structure is simple, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, no leakage phenomenon of the reducer and save power, demoulding equipped with power 1.1kw.

In addition to the body of the rack, the whole suspension and connecting parts use spring, vibration molding not only realize the pressure head, the mold box, mold core and plate vibration of a four pronged, to ensure that the products of high density and uniformity and smooth running, low noise, the realization of the good damping effect. Don't edge

Pressure head can be longitudinal movement, convenient feeding, maintenance and irrigation, and pressure head drop distance is small, only 20mm, hand presser foot and the box, small core gap, block edge is large; on the other hand the box core damage.

Mold replacement convenient, through the replacement of the mold can be produced 240, 140, 115, standard bricks and other various specifications of the block and the road along the stone, but also according to user requirements of various special-shaped mold.

In the molding box and sill plate core synchronous resonance, is not affected by the impact, so the wood pallet life of similar products more than doubled.

Because the machine has the above characteristics, so the production of high strength block, demoulding standingperson, short time and palletizing can save cement 5 - 10%, appearance is accurate in size, regular edges and corners is the ideal one of the models.

  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  QT6-15
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