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Foam granule machine

Foam granule machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  275

Part of the horizontal foam crusher:

Production of horizontal foam crusher in the original crusher based was improved so that the bubble in broken when the raw material of the simple dust removing sand, greatly improving the raw material clean degree, and obviously improves the processing foam particle fineness;

Foam material part and horizontal foam crusher adopts unique blower feeding, not only solve the original crusher on the difficult problem of feeding, and the unique entrance design, solve the original crusher feed inlet blockage and stop unnecessary trouble, greatly improving the broken machine production and save time.

Two, foam granulation machine parts:

Foaming material inlet section,

Hongchang machinery stations considered in the point of view of the customer, can according to the customer material density is different, for customers tailored to accelerate the foam material of the material pressing rod and inhibition of blanking of fast baffle, customers can choose according to their own situation.

Screw rod material part,

The Si Mn steel, not only improve the abrasion resistance of the whole screw and the relative increase in the screw rust resistance, better improve the life of the screw;

Temperature control part,

According to the problems appeared in the practice of the majority of users, Hongchang in foam granulator, with a full set of digital temperature control device. It can not only avoid the host wiring troubles, but also solve the problem that the temperature measurement, it can accurately know the upper and lower machine is the number of degrees, root according to adjust the fineness of the particles on the machine temperature, use up more scientific, better operation, made out of particles are more transparent, uniform particles, high temperature burn paste or the temperature is too low not to melt the phenomenon;

The grinding head part,

The double switch network head is adopted, and the network can be changed without stopping,. Not only saves time but also saves the cost; at the same time according to the customer demand production of hydraulic net changing grinding head, its characteristics are: "leaking, energy saving, easy operation, can greatly improve the production equipment, production of particles is a product to be.

Safety part,

Equipment should first consider security issues, foam granulator in work is need high temperature melting, security is a problem, and the other is a circuit, said first high temperature scald, buy equipment when first to consider equipment in working staff can come into contact with the heater is safe, also work when electrical safety is guaranteed, Hongchang in equipment added full set of anti high temperature safety shield. Motor, the motor belt of the foam particles machine high-speed operation is the easiest problems, we use the high security of the all inclusive shield, which not only guarantees the motor in operation of security, also for the beautiful degree of the whole machine add endowment add color many.

  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  275
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