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350 Blender

350 Blender

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  JW350

Excellent environmental performance

All of the powdery material from feeding, measuring, feeding ingredients, mixing and discharge are carried out in a closed state. Mixer cover, cement warehouse metering, fly ash metering bin dust exhaust pipe are with dust collector connected aggregate filler set dust preventing plate so as to reduce.

Low dust emission

Reduce dust and noise to the environment pollution and the mixing tower belt conveyor structure greatly closed

Dye. The vacuum dust and special fiber cloth make feeding when the dust into the dust completely without to spread around and collected dust can be convenient recycling reuse of environmental protection effective. Users can also choose to import dust removal system.

High reliability performance

Mixing blade with unique high chromium high manganese alloy wear resistant material shaft bearing and seal forms a unique multiple sealing greatly improves the reliability of the host. Often affected by the impact, vulnerability at, such as exergy discharge hopper, transition bucket, etc. the wear resistant steel plate in the Department of fill strong deep ring belt joint at the bonding in vulcanization right to use the service life than ordinary steel riveted growth of 3 times.

Good mixing performance

The complete set of equipment maintenance and repair parts is provided with a platform or ladder for maintenance convenient inspection and maintenance operation host has a pump stroke and manual cleaning two sets of devices. The platform floor type structure and aggregate belt conveyor closed structure to ensure that all operations can be carried out regardless of the weather. The closed form of the lower belt machine is provided with an overflow outlet can effectively prevent sand and scattered everywhere.

  • Place of Origin:  ZHENG ZHOU
  • Brand Name:  HONGCHANG
  • Model Number:  JW350
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